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2019-2020 Chairman Elected

22/05/2019  •  Future of the PM

Helen Bostock has been elected as Chairman of Little Wolford Parish Meeting for 2019-2020.

High-Speed Fibre Broadband Arrives

01/03/2019  •  Broadband

High-Speed Fibre Broadband (with downstream speed of up to around 75Mbps) has finally arrived in Little Wolford, following the installation of Cabinet 3 in the village, with a fibre (FTTC: Fibre To The Cabinet) link to Long Compton BT exchange. Subscriber connections to this cabinet will still make use of existing copper telephone cables, so speed will depend upon line quality and distance from the cabinet. Broadband speed will not automatically increase: a new "fibre" contract with an Internet Service Provider is required, but will typically be significantly cheaper than the equivalent-speed wireless service currently provided by Voneus (formerly SugarNet).