News & Meetings

Defibrillator now installed

24/11/2020  •  Defibrillator

This week the electrician came to install the defibrillator. The unit is located on the exterior wall of the Wolfords Village Hall and signs have gone up around the village to help direct people in case of emergency. This is a great achievement and a life-saving asset for our community.

Help from Council for vulnerable

14/11/2020  •  Village News

Warwickshire County Council want residents to know they are here to help you stay at home as much as possible during this second lockdown and resurgence of the pandemic. If you are clinically extremely vulnerable, they can help if you need any information, advice, access to library services, support to access food, medicines or shopping or just a friendly voice if you are isolated or lonely. Please call 0800 408 1447, email  or go to for more information.

We did it - target exceeded!

30/10/2020  •  Defibrillator

Good news!  As a result of the Community Grant from WALC, and the generosity of LW residents to help push us over the line, we have not only achieved our fundraising target, but exceed it!  We are grateful to everyone who contributed - thank you.  The final total raised was £2,107.

Little Wolford Village Hall have kindly given us permission to install the defibrillator on the outside wall of the village hall

We are now liaising with Community Heartbeat Trust regarding the purchase of the defibrillator, which they will be installing for us in due course.   

New footbridge

17/10/2020  •  Village News

We're delighted to see the unsafe bridge down at Nethercote Brook has now been replaced with a brand new one. This means the right of way is reopen, allowing walkers and residents to once again choose a scenic country walk to go between the two Wolfords.

Al fresco Annual Parish Assembly

22/08/2020  •  Little Wolford Parish Meeting

Novel measures were adopted to ensure this year's Annual Parish Assembly could go ahead safely on 11 August. Instead of meeting inside the village hall (which remains closed), it was held in the carpark. Socially distanced seating and handgel were provided, with some bringing their own chairs along. A couple of residents were able to join remotely via Zoom, using a laptop and 4G mobile router - another first for the parish! Gazebos were put up in case of rain but in the end were welcomed for their shade on one of the hottest days of 2020. 

LWPM Year-End Accounts - Dates Confirmed

10/08/2020  •  Little Wolford Parish Meeting

The Year-end financial accounts for 2019-20 were internally-audited on 4 April 2020, and will be scheduled for discussion and formal approval at the Annual Parish Meeting on 11 August 2020.  The accounts will be made available for public inspection from 12 August 2020 until 22 September 2020.    

Ready for any emergency

17/07/2020  •  Village News

Purchased with help of a grant from Warkwickshire County Council, Little Wolford now has an Emergency grab bag. When the Wolfords Village Hall reopens, this will be stored there, ready for use in the event of a community emergency such as flood or fire. Items in the kit include rain ponchos, foil blankets, a small first aid kit, a wind-up radio, head torch and hazard tape. There is also bottled water and sandbags. Little Wolford Parish Meeting has prepared an Emergency Plan, with key contacts and info on how to activate this laminated in the emergency bag. 

Temporary path closure

29/04/2020  •  Village News

The unsafe condition of the footbridge across Nethercote Brook between Little Wolford and Red Barn has forced Warwickshire County Council to issue closure notices for the footpath. Notices have been displayed to inform walkers. Unfortunately there is no alternative route for this path. Grid References: SP 25845 35949

LWPM Year-End Accounts - Revised Audit and Publication Dates

11/04/2020  •  Little Wolford Parish Meeting

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we have been advised that the dates for auditing and publication of year-end financial accounts has been deferred. Little Wolford Parish Meeting's (LWPM) accounts are normally internally-audited in April each year, and available for public inspection in June for 30 working days.  Final regulations are due to be made the week commencing 6 April which will extend the statutory audit deadlines for 2019/20.

 It is proposed that:

  • The publication date for final, audited, accounts for local councils will move from 30 September to 30 November 2020
  • The requirement for the public inspection period to include the first 10 working days of July has been removed. Instead, local councils must commence the public inspection period on or before the first working day of September 2020

Draft accounts must be approved by 31 August 2020 at the latest, or earlier where possible. Authorities must publish the dates of their public inspection period this year.

LWPM will provide an update once the audit and public inspection dates have been confirmed.

Calling all phone buddies!

28/03/2020  •  Village News

A new scheme to help reduce the feeling of being isolated as people stay in their homes has been set up for Little Wolford. Anyone requesting the free service will receive a weekly call (minimum) from a volunteer ‘buddy’ who also lives in the village. If you enjoy chatting and would like to become a ‘buddy’ or be paired with one, please drop Helen an email at