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No Chair elected - next steps

06/05/2022  •  Future of the PM

At the Annual Parish Assembly on 26 April 2022 Helen Bostock stepped down as Chair of the Parish Meeting and no new Chair was elected. Simon Lewis-Beeching also resigned from the post of Responsible Financial Officer. 

We now await the process and outcome of the Community Governance Review which Stratford-upon-Avon District Council have twelve months to complete. There are no further scheduled meetings for Little Wolford Parish Meeting.

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Future of the Parish Meeting

Questionnaire results for future of the Parish Meeting

03/04/2022  •  Future of the PM

An open meeting was held on the evening of Thursday 31st March in the Village Hall to discuss the future direction of the Parish Meeting and results of the questionnaire sent to all residents of Little and Great Wolford. In attendance was Helen Bostock, Chair and Simon Lewis-Beeching, Responsible Financial Officer of Little Wolford Parish Meeting (LWPM) and Lynn Mathias, Chair, Sue Finlay, Clerk and all four councillors of Great Wolford Parish Council (GWPC), together with residents from both communities. Helen Bostock addressed the meeting to explain the current situation of LWPM soon to be without a Chair and possible ways forward. Questions on the structure of an amalgamated council, proportion of seats, likely impact on the precept for each parish and next steps were discussed. 

From the questionnaire the majority preference from both parishes on the future structure was for a Joint Parish Council, to be named The Wolfords Parish Council. Resolutions were passed by LWPM and GWPC to ask Stratford District Council to instigate the legal process of council structure change called a Community Governance Review and to request the preferred outcome of a Joint Parish Council, with the name The Wolfords Parish Council. 

Click here for pdf of full questionnaire results

Uncertain future for Parish Meeting

28/11/2021  •  Future of the PM

The Chairman (Helen Bostock) and Responsible Financial Officer (Simon Lewis-Beeching) have made it known they will both be stepping down at the Annual Parish Assembly in April 2022. Electors have been informed of the situation by letter and, unless suitable replacements can be found by 31st January, processes will be put in place to combine Little Wolford Parish Meeting and Great Wolford Parish Council.

2019-2020 Chairman Elected

22/05/2019  •  Future of the PM

Helen Bostock has been elected as Chairman of Little Wolford Parish Meeting for 2019-2020.