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LWPM Year-End Accounts 2021-22

06/06/2022  •  Little Wolford Parish Meeting

The Year-end financial accounts for 2021-22 were internally-audited on 3 April 2022, and were discussed and formally approved at the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 April 2022. The accounts will be made available for public inspection from 13 June 2022 until 25 July 2022.  

Signposting and helpful contacts

06/05/2022  •  Community Information

SearchOut Warwickshire ( is a useful website for accessing organisations, groups and events, including the community directory.

A list of local and national organisations and emergency contacts when in need is also available by clicking below;

Signposting contacts (pdf)

No Chair elected - next steps

06/05/2022  •  Future of the PM

At the Annual Parish Assembly on 26 April 2022 Helen Bostock stepped down as Chair of the Parish Meeting and no new Chair was elected. Simon Lewis-Beeching also resigned from the post of Responsible Financial Officer. 

We now await the process and outcome of the Community Governance Review which Stratford-upon-Avon District Council have twelve months to complete. There are no further scheduled meetings for Little Wolford Parish Meeting.

For more on this topic see past news items;

Future of the Parish Meeting

Questionnaire results for future of the Parish Meeting

03/04/2022  •  Future of the PM

An open meeting was held on the evening of Thursday 31st March in the Village Hall to discuss the future direction of the Parish Meeting and results of the questionnaire sent to all residents of Little and Great Wolford. In attendance was Helen Bostock, Chair and Simon Lewis-Beeching, Responsible Financial Officer of Little Wolford Parish Meeting (LWPM) and Lynn Mathias, Chair, Sue Finlay, Clerk and all four councillors of Great Wolford Parish Council (GWPC), together with residents from both communities. Helen Bostock addressed the meeting to explain the current situation of LWPM soon to be without a Chair and possible ways forward. Questions on the structure of an amalgamated council, proportion of seats, likely impact on the precept for each parish and next steps were discussed. 

From the questionnaire the majority preference from both parishes on the future structure was for a Joint Parish Council, to be named The Wolfords Parish Council. Resolutions were passed by LWPM and GWPC to ask Stratford District Council to instigate the legal process of council structure change called a Community Governance Review and to request the preferred outcome of a Joint Parish Council, with the name The Wolfords Parish Council. 

Click here for pdf of full questionnaire results

Little Wolford Climate Action Group (LWCAG) - Updates

21/03/2022  •  Climate Emergency

LWCAG holds bi-monthly (every other month) meetings at the Wolfords Village Hall, to discuss topics such as eco-friendly products, electric vehicles, supporting the local wildlife, domestic renewable energy, minimising food & water waste, and a range of other subjects relating to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon...

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Sun shines for jubilee tree planting

13/12/2021  •  Village News

The morning of Sunday 11 Dec proved to be perfect timing for the planting of the jubilee tree on the southernmost edge of the village green. Neighbours enjoyed seeing faces old and new. Hot chocolate, mulled wine and tasty homemade nibbles were as welcome as the mild weather and rare sunshine.

The chosen tree - a type of ornamental hawthorn (Crataegus x lavalleei ‘Carrierei’) - came bareroot and with a few leaves and berries still holding on. Planting was led by Helen Bostock from Little Wolford Parish Meeting, and the plaque put in place by Roz Warriner, who had kindly donated the tree.

Visit the Queens Green Canopy to see our tree on the map.



Uncertain future for Parish Meeting

28/11/2021  •  Future of the PM

The Chairman (Helen Bostock) and Responsible Financial Officer (Simon Lewis-Beeching) have made it known they will both be stepping down at the Annual Parish Assembly in April 2022. Electors have been informed of the situation by letter and, unless suitable replacements can be found by 31st January, processes will be put in place to combine Little Wolford Parish Meeting and Great Wolford Parish Council.

Community defib seminar success

23/11/2021  •  Defibrillator

On the evening of 23 Nov experienced trainer Jon Poulter from Community Heartbeat Trust gave an excellent session on how to respond in the event of a cardiac arrest. Residents from the Wolfords found the session lively and informative, and by the end everyone felt more confident about how to use the defibrillator, located on the wall of the Village Hall. Interest was expressed in setting up an emergency village phone system, an invaluable aid for those living in rural communities.

Tree planting ideas for Platinum Jubilee wanted

08/08/2021  •  Village News

2022 marks the Queen's 70th Jubilee celebrations. Communities around the country are being encouraged to "Plant a tree for the jubilee". This 'Queen's Green Canopy' will see hundreds of trees planted to benefit the environment and provide a fitting legacy to honor the occasion. Tree planting season starts in October so we are seeking ideas from residents of Little Wolford on what tree to plant and where. 

If you'd like to be part of the tree planting committee or submit an idea contact Helen Bostock by email at

(ps who knows where the Silver Jubilee tree is in the village as seen in the photo above? Hint: it's an oak tree)


LWPM Year-End Accounts 2020-21

07/06/2021  •  Little Wolford Parish Meeting

The Year-end financial accounts for 2020-21 were internally-audited on 7 April 2021, and were discussed and formally approved at the Annual Parish Meeting on 29 April 2021. The accounts will be made available for public inspection from 14 June 2021 until 23 July 2021.